Our Fish Gelatin is extracted from farmed & fresh fish skins of Tilapia and Pangasius. It is used for pharmaceutical(soft capsule industry) and food applications and is a unique alternative to bovine and porcine gelatines allowing to fulfill cultural and religious needs. Due to religion practice, JELLICE Fish Gelatin is Halal & Kosher certifiable, and is suitable for all consumers.

Our farmed & fresh fish skin of Tilapia and Pangasius has a stable supply and is free from disease and contaminant. In comparison, Fish Gelatin has a lower melting point then porcine pelatin, therefore, it is easier to handle and may reduce energy/production costs.

Our Fish Gelatin is matching the functionalities of traditional gelatines such as gelling, foaming, emulsifying and binding.

Our Fish Gelatin is available from 150 to 250 Bloom and in sieve mesh from 4 to 40.