We create a Gelatin life style

Jellice Pioneer Europe B.V. is located in Emmen and is the most modern gelatin factory in Europe. Designed according to the highest up to date standards, but also based on the tradition and technology of a well established company, experienced in the production of high quality gelatin and collagen since 1941.

We are a part of the Jellice Group with 5 factories worldwide (Japan, India, China, Taiwan & The Netherlands), and we have a total yearly capacity of 15.000 tonnes. With our capability of supplying gelatin and collagen from different origins (mainly pigskin, but also fish, poultry & bovine bone) we are active within the food, pharmaceutical, health & cosmetic industries for all sorts of applications.

In our premises in The Netherlands, we are exclusively dedicated to produce pig skin origin gelatin with a broad range of characteristics well introduced into confectionary, desserts, dairy, meat, ingredients, beverage, nutritional and health markets.

We are committed to achieve the highest quality and product safety standards creating value to our customers at a competitive price.

Our team of professionals will always find the adequate solutions for your final product.