Gelatin is used to define the perfect texture in a range of confectionery. Its thermo-reversibility is unique and essential in a vast range of confectionery applications such as gummies, marshmallows, chewy candy, toffees and liquorice.


Gelatin is successfully used in various pharmaceutical products, such as hard capsules, soft capsules, dragees and tablets. In hard and soft capsule applications the gelatin film masks the taste and odour of the drugs enclosed and protects them, at the same time, from the environment. In tablet applications gelatin acts as a natural binding and disintegration agent as well as offering an effective tablet coating which protects the active substances from being damaged by oxygen and light. We create gelatin solutions that are as stable as you need them to be to meet the shelf-life expectations of your customers.


Gelatin is widely used as a natural complement to meat-based products giving these products an attractive appearance but it also improves the slicing characteristics. The gelatin layer also helps to prevent the product from drying out at the surface providing an anti-desiccant effect. Its binding, emulsifying, stabilizing and gelling properties make it an ideal ingredient for diverse meat, fish and aspic products.

Cosmetic  and Health

Gelatin and Collagen Peptide are a natural ingredient with healthy properties and are used in many cosmetic and health care products. They are often included in body care products such as sun tan lotions, shampoos, moisturizing creams and facial creams.

Desserts and Dairy products

Gelatin is an ideal ingredient for all sorts of gelatin desserts, because of its excellent foaming, coating and stabilizing properties while also adding to the brightness and transparency of desserts. It also offers key advantages in a variety of dairy applications such as quark, dairy drinks and yogurt products. Gelatin provides a positive contribution to the overall texture of various dairy products by providing a smooth, even-textured consistency and creamy mouth-feel enhancement.

Drinks and Juices

In drinks, the properties of gelatin are used to clarify wine, cider, apple juice.