The JELLICE Group has 5 factories worldwide, together as a group we have a capacity of 15.000 tonnes annually.  The JELLICE Group was established in 1941. The locations of our factories are:

  • JELLICE EUROPE in Emmen, The Netherlands (porcine skin)
  • JELLICE CHINA in Shangdong, China (bovine hide)
  • JELLICE INDIA in Cuddalore, India (bovine bone)
  • JELLICE TAIWAN in Pingtung, Taiwan (porcine, bovine & fish skin)
  • JELLICE JAPAN in Sendai, Japan (collagen, HACP, gelatin)

The JELLICE group has a wide selection of products:

  • gelatin (porcine, fish & bovine)
  • collagen peptide (porcine, bovine & fish)
  • specialty collagen (extra-white, low-Sodium, juice CP)
  • collagen tri-peptide
  • HACP

With our capability of supplying gelatin and collagen from different origins we are active within the food, pharmaceutical, health & cosmetic industries for all sorts of applications. We are able to customize and provide gelatin/collagen peptide from other origins such as juice collagen peptide.