Collagen Peptide is a product derived from natural source raw material. JELLICE Collagen Peptide is manufactured from porcine, bovine and fish skin as animal skin contains a high level of collagen. JELLICE manufactures fresh porcine, bovine and fish skin into gelatin and then into Collagen Peptide.

Collagen Peptide finds application in food supplements and is also widely used in skin & hair-care products.

Our Collagen is pure (>90% protein), is low in odour & heavy metal content and has a white colour. It also has a molecular weight between 2000 & 4000 kDa.


Pale yellow – white powder, soluble in cold water and has a neutral taste.

Nutritional value

It is an excellent source of protein and has most of the essential amino acids that humans need.

Characteristics of Collagen Peptide


Collagen Peptide has been hydrolyzed and does not gel at low temperature. It can be added into drinks and soups to increase the intake of protein/collagen.


Collagen Peptide stabilizes emulsions, and prevents precipitation or agglomeration of insoluble particles. The mixture remains homogenized.


Collagen Peptide forms a layer of film on the surface and it may protect from physical and chemical harm. It has been widely used in skin/ hair-care products.